How to Archive Connected Campaigns

“I can’t archive my Connected Campaign”

Pardot’s Connected Campaigns feature is a fantastic step in the right direction towards better alignment between Salesforce and Pardot reporting.

However, the documentation available on the knowledgebase does leave something to be desired.

Today I spent some time puzzling over how to archive Connected Campaigns. Of course, the move to Connected Campaigns disables the functionality to edit campaigns, meaning that we can’t take the normal route to archiving campaigns using the Archive Date feature.

The solution - a mixed approach

The first thing to try was to untick “Active” on the Salesforce Campaign. Sadly, this made no difference.

The second attempt was that I saw an article on the Salesforce Knowledgebase referencing that the Archive Date is actually controlled by the Salesforce Campaign’s End Date. Sadly, setting the End Date to be in the past, also made no difference.

The third attempt and the working solution was to set the End Date to be in the past, AND set the “Campaign Status” field to “Completed”. This worked correctly and archived the campaign in Pardot. Do be conscious that this will not apply instantly, but instead will be queued into the next Pardot sync, which should be within a few minutes.


There is an idea posted on the Salesforce Trailblazer community which suggests simplifying the process above to simply unchecking the ‘active’ checkbox to archive - if you agree, feel free to add your vote!