Pardot Support and Consulting

Guidance on best-practice approaches to managing your audiences and their preferences.

Making the most out of Pardot is difficult without any assistance. With the frequency of new releases, it’s hard to keep track of the latest features and best practice. That’s why we give organisations using Pardot a helping hand to optimise their usage of marketing automation and achieve their goals with Pardot.

Here are some of the typical parts of a Pardot support project:

Campaign execution

We can help with assistance with the setup and delivery of your campaigns, advising on best practice in terms of converting your prospects, increasing the quality of leads you generate.

Sync Errors

When Pardot attempts to update a Salesforce record and encounters an error, a message appears in your sync error queue. However these errors are not always clear or helpful. We have a vast amount of experience in troubleshooting and can resolve the errors and re-sync your prospects.

Salesforce integration

The most vital step in a well-running Pardot instance is the integration with Salesforce. We’ve got a wealth of experience in connecting Pardot to a different Salesforce instances, including:

  • Setting up the connector permissions,
  • Working with Pardot Connectors v1 and v2,
  • Working with AMPSEA (Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address) and Non-AMPSEA accounts
  • Syncing Salesforce users to Pardot, to fix issues with logging in, notifications and assignments
  • Enabling Sales users in Salesforce to see Pardot information and use Pardot functionality
  • Mapping and syncing custom fields between Pardot and Salesforce. In addition to this, we can also advise on allowing only part of your Salesforce database to be synced with Pardot if required.

Connectors and third party integration

One of our key goals as Pardot users is to gather as much information as about our prospects to better understand where they are in the buying cycle. Of course, this is simple when considering prospect engagement with Pardot assets such as forms, emails and landing pages. However, we should also aim to bring into Pardot other marketing interactions with our prospects.

Pardot Connectors enable us to build this bigger picture of our prospects by syncing information from Connected Apps such as Webinar platforms including GoToWebinar, WebEx and ReadyTalk, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Eventbrite, and a range of other connectors including video, live chat and phone integration. We can advise on best practice for setup and usage of all Pardot connectors.

Email Deliverability

A common issue we help our clients to resolve is problems with Pardot Email Deliverability. If emails are sent from Pardot without granting the correct permissions to send on behalf of your domain, then there is an increased risk of emails being sent to the spam or junk folders of your prospects, or being soft or hard bounced. We work with the IT teams of our clients to set up SPF and DKIM authentication to ensure that your prospects receive your emails, plus IP whitelisting to ensure that you receive your own test and notification emails from Pardot internally.

List creation and process

Correct list management is an important part of Pardot best practice. The most important elements of this are:

  • Correctly segmenting your database to target the right prospects,
  • Seamlessly building lists in Pardot based on Salesforce data without exporting/importing
  • Building lists which obey the email preferences of your prospects

List management can be a particularly complex and challenging aspect of Pardot, particularly for large teams or international teams using the system. We can work with you to define and document a standardised segmentation process, which considers how and when to use Dynamic Lists, Static Lists, and Public Lists.

Database optimisation

A common issue we help customers with is maintaining a clean database. We can audit your Pardot database and make recommendations on which parts of your audience should be targeted for re-engagement campaigns, for example, prospects who have not engaged with emails or visited your website or Pardot assets in a certain period of time. This is a helpful way to keep under your Pardot mailable prospect database limit.

Template creation

One of the key success factors in making the most out of Pardot is whether your users have access to on-brand, responsive, conversion-optimised templates. After all, a good template library forms the building blocks of any successful Pardot campaign. We work with Pardot users looking to update or refresh their email, form and landing page templates, ensuring that they render well on all devices, make use of best-practice conversion techniques, and match your brand style.

Forms and landing page setup

Beyond template design, we also assist with the setup of forms and landing pages for effective lead generation campaigns. We can help with the creation of forms and embedding them correctly onto your website, including how to use advanced features such as progressive profiling, dependent fields and kiosk mode, to capture data at events.

Lead qualification

Are you using Pardot to effectively generate leads for your Sales team? Do you have the right processes in place for handing over marketing qualified leads? We work with sales and marketing teams to define what constitutes a “sales-ready” lead, and define how this maps into Pardot’s scoring and grading functionality. One of the best ways to improve Sales and Marketing alignment is to ensure that you’re passing the right leads across to Sales at the right time.


One of the big challenges facing Pardot users is how to produce insightful reporting which demonstrates marketing’s impact on the bottom line of the business and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and initiatives. Talk to us about your reporting requirements, and we can advise on the best way to get the insights you’re looking for, whether this is with native Pardot reporting, Salesforce reporting, or B2B Marketing Analytics.

Pardot integration with website and web tracking

Using Pardot tracking code on your website is the first step in terms of converting your visitors into prospects and starting to track and gain insights into your database. We can advise on how to correctly install and test the tracking code, and best practice in terms of form integration

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