Pardot Email Preference Centers

Guidance on best-practice approaches to managing your audiences and their preferences.

Use an Email Preference Center to target the right customers with the communications they want, improving your email marketing engagement rates.

Full design and build

The first challenge with setting up an Email Preference Center is the design. We’ll offer recommendations on the best route to take, then build either a page which can blend in seamlessly like a real page on your website, or a simplified branded page for your customers to select their preferences. Whichever route we take, the page will be responsive and be tested on different devices and browsers, meaning that your customers can update their preferences at their desk, or on their mobile.

  • Looks great on all devices
  • Fully matches your brand style

Guidance on best practice

The design of your Email Preference Page is only part of the story. The most important aspect of setting up an EPC is to carefully consider which options you offer to your prospects in terms of subscriptions. Having helped dozens of organisations work out the right approach to email preferences, we’re well-placed to offer guidance on best-practice approaches to managing your audiences and their preferences. Depending on your organisation, this could include different EPCs for multiple languages, products or target customer types, or the use of static versus dynamic lists based on which prospects you would like to see each of your preferences.

  • Best practice guidance on Email Preference Center setup
  • Tailored approach to how your organisation
  • Optional setup of preference pages for multi-language, multi-product or diverse target customers

Options for opt-in processes

GDPR legislation has brought in new requirements for data processing compliance. We can work with you on putting together your GDPR-compliant processes, from when a prospect completes a web form, capturing the date of opt-in and their specific preferences, then how to segment your lists in compliance with your prospects’ preferences. An opt-in process can be implemented as part of your Email Preference Center build, or as a separate project. Click here for more information on our opt-in process implementation.

  • Options for setup of GDPR-compliant opt-in processes
  • Capture your prospects’ opt-in status and opt-in date

Comprehensive documentation and support options

Each Email Preference Center project includes full documentation on how to use your new EPC, how to segment your audiences for email marketing going forward, and options for support and training.

  • Full documentation provided
  • Options for support and training on using your new email preference lists